Google Stadia will have achievements, but not at launch


Some other questions answered during the AMA included confirmation that Stadia will not have mod support at launch, Family Sharing is something planned for next year and on accessing the service on mobile on devices other than Google's Pixel phones, Mr Doroichev said 'We're aiming to get more devices supported next year. But not the ones that were offered to Pro subscribers while you were unsubscribed'. If you have to suspend your subscription at any time, Doronichev claims 'You will regain access to those Pro games you claimed in the past while you were a subscriber. Except for the Stadia Controller and, in case you want to play directly on Smart TV, the Google Chromecast Ultra. Doronichev also says that the team is doing everything they can to support cross-play and cross-progression with other platforms, but that this is something ultimately up to each individual game's publisher and developer. But the company does plan on offering free games for subscribers on the $9.99 per month Stadia Pro plan. "Starting with Destiny 2". Instead, it's an upgraded service based on an experience already provided at the free tier, comparing it instead to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

Among the many new developments about Stadia that were learned from today's official Stadia AMA, it would seem that mod support for the platform is actually being considered. For 4K with 5.1 surround sound, a speed of 35 Mbps is required.

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The Stadia controller will not spuport Bluetooth audio. The Stadia Connect feature - which gives each player his or her own instance for couch co-op - is also something we could see missing the launch. The Google Stadia controller does include a 3.5mm headset jack, so it will work with wired headsets that way.

Quite why the development team is postponing integrating the same sort of functionality for the big launch of Stadia we're not quite sure. There is some obvious concern based on Google's track record that it could shut down the service, leaving game purchases lost in the ether. "We are investing a lot in technology, infrastructure, and partnership, so nothing in life is certain, but we are convinced that Stadia will be a success ".