FaceApp Has Responded Everyone's Concerns About App's Privacy


FaceApp said it plans to improve the app's interface to make it easier for users to make requests for the company to scrub their information from its servers.

All you have to do is download the FaceApp from your iTunes App Store, you can use it for free for three days.

FaceApp: What will I look like when I'm old?

ABC News chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis explained that the app, though free in the app store, isn't really free.

Others are also anxious about the fact that the app appears to have access to all of your photos when it lets you choose which you want to adjust.

French security research Robert Bapiste, TechCrunch, and Guardian App's CEO, Will Strafach, say that FaceApp's issues are not as bad as they are thought to be.

FaceApp officials provided a statement to the Globe Wednesday afternoon about privacy concerns, saying that the app transfers to the cloud only the photos selected by the user.

There is more stipulations from the document.

While few people have time to read the terms of use of every app, it's at least good to have a general sense of whether companies plan to profit from your data, said Whitson.

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The policy highlights that the objective of this is to "measure traffic and usage trends for the Service", and reiterates that "we will not rent or sell your information to third parties outside FaceApp".

As it turns out, one specific paragraph in the app's ToS essentially describes how it can strip users of any ownership of personal photos.

"'Most' could mean anything from 51 per cent to 99 per cent (of photos)", he said. For the fastest processing, we recommend sending the requests from the FaceApp mobile app using "Settings- Support- Report a bug" with the word "privacy" in the subject line. "We never transfer any other images", the statement added.

FaceApp has to select and upload the users' photo to ensure that it can be changed.

The app has access to one's camera, making it easy for hackers to create a database for users all over the world and possibly engage in malicious online practice.

It doesn't just alter how old people look, it can change their hair color or style, add a beard or mustache or tattoo, swap genders replace the background of your photo and literally put a smile on your face.

A photo uploaded to the cloud may be stored for reasons of "performance and traffic", and "most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours from the upload date".

Such terms are fairly standard within such apps, and it is required that such an app will have some access to photos to fulfil its functions.