AMD Reduces Radeon RX 5700 Series GPU Pricing Before Release


In somewhat surprising news, AMD has announced price cuts to the new Navi GPUs.

Priced at £379 and £475, respectively, the new additions succeed in reinvigorating Nvidia's mid-to-high-end product stack, and offer a performance increase of between 10 and 20 per cent over regular, non-Super cards.

The 50th Anniversary Edition AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT will be now priced at $449, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT will be now priced at $399 and AMD Radeon RX 5700 will be now priced at $349. The same goes for the Fiftieth Anniversary with a rather greater boost tempo and sublime gold vibrant that can payment $449 as a substitute of $499.

AMD's goal is to provide exceptional experiences and access to the best gaming technologies at attractive prices. We welcome this competition with open arms, allowing innovation to be driven upwards for the sole benefit of the players. Just like the Radeon RX 5700 series yesterday, the company has also unveiled the official pricing for these processors in Malaysia.

The 2060 and 2070 Super cards will be available on 9 July, while the 2080 Super will be launched slightly later on 23 July.

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Updated July 5 to include confirmation and updated pricing details from AMD.

Secondly, it pisses me off that AMD did it this way. Nvidia is offering a bundle on the Super cards.

The price drop does smack a little of knee-jerk reaction from AMD. The new additions are in the form of gaming-focused graphics cards, and they are being called "Super". But, it was too expensive and now 48 hours before the launch, AMD has changed their tune and "slashed" the pricing before launch.

Anyway, we have tons to talk about, have a peek at what is reviewed today. If any company representative wishes to respond, we will publish the response here.