U.S. condemns attacks on Sudan protesters


"We are urging the African Union Peace and Security Council and the UN Security Council to break this cycle of impunity and take immediate action to hold the perpetrators of this violence accountable", the London-based rights humans group said. The motives for the general's apparent reversal - if honest - were not immediately clear.

"The people of Sudan deserve an orderly transition, led by civilians, that can establish the conditions for free and fair elections, rather than have rushed elections imposed by the TMC's security forces", they said.

The only way to establish a democratic regime in Sudan is through a struggle led by the working class, independently of and in opposition to the liberal and pseudo-left forces in the middle class who will stop at nothing to block a social revolution, to take power, expropriating the regime's ill-gotten wealth in the context of a broad global struggle of the working class against capitalism and for the building of socialism.

The crackdown began with a violent dispersal of the protest movement's main sit-in camp, outside the military headquarters in the capital, Khartoum, on Monday.

The Ethiopian initiative follows the worst bloodshed in Sudan since Bashir was ousted by the military after four months of protests against his repressive three-decade rule.

Thousands of demonstrators had remained defiant since Bashir's ouster, taking to the streets calling for the generals to cede power to civilians.

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, which is linked to the protesters, said the death toll had jumped to 60 with hundreds more wounded. Another 10 were reported killed in clashes Tuesday in Khartoum and Omdurman, the capital's twin city across the Nile, and farther south in the White Nile state.

Protest organisers, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), accused the TMC of carrying out "a massacre" and urged its pro-democracy supporters to continue protesting peacefully.

The country is also in dire need of humanitarian assistance, with more than five million people - half of them children - in need, and millions of displaced people now living around Khartoum. The group said it feared the final death toll would be much higher.

Sudanese authorities admitted dozens were killed when security forces stormed the long-running sit-in.

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"In Buri, there were lots of shootings and tear gas", al-Sudani said.

Video clips showed troops beating medical staff at Khartoum's Royal Care Hospital, in some cases so severely that they too needed hospital treatment.

Protestors' bodies recovered from the River Nile, which the Sudanese military dumped there, represent a potential end to Sudan's hard-fought-for revolution.

Protest leaders called on their supporters to take part in "total civil disobedience" to topple the ruling military council.

The deputy head of the military council defended the violent suppression, claiming that the protesters had been infiltrated by rogue elements and drug dealers.

Observers say that the three countries prefer a strong military rule over a civilian-led democratic government.

Negotiations between the military and protest leaders broke down over disagreements on whether a planned transitional body would be headed by a civilian or a military figure.

Talks between opposition activists and the ruling interim military council have since broken down.

In the northern suburb of Bahri, connecting and smaller roads in the neighbourhood were blocked by protesters putting up makeshift barricades made from rocks, bricks and tree trunks. Security forces have been seen in online videos, patrolling Khartoum districts.

"Disarmament of the Janjaweed militia and the security forces, removing them from urban areas, and sending them back to the military barracks, will guarantee that the situation will not slide towards the abyss, ".