Trump map takes Israel to 'nice' new heights


But on Wednesday Israeli lawmakers voted to dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections after Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government. This came just weeks before Israel's elections, in which Netanyahu's ruling Likud party won 35 of the Knesset's 120 seats and set him up for a fifth term. On the other side, the orthodox parties, which have 16 legislators, wanted the bill to be amended.

For his part, Liberman, prior to the 11th-hour deadline, pointed the finger at Netanyahu and his Likud party.

Facing three corruption allegations, Netanyahu's traditional mastery of coalition-building fell flat after April elections.

"I am not against the ultra-orthodox community". He could also face an even more hard time forming a new government, assuming he is tapped again to be prime minister, depending on whom the voters blame for the new elections and how they cast their ballots in response.

Those who were horrified by the re-election of right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his nationalist party can have a moment of respite. Lieberman, head of the Yisrael Beitenu party, asked at a news conference, naming the beachside suburb in where Netanyahu has a home and the settlement where he lives.

Lieberman called the accusations ridiculous and retorted that the new election was indeed unfortunate but a result of Netanyahu caving in to the ultra-Orthodox.

Netanyahu didn't. The new elections scheduled for September 17 mean that the Knesset will not have time to debate and pass a so-called "immunity law", which would keep Netanyahu from being indicted in three separate corruption scandals while in office.

Qatari PM to attend Gulf summit in Saudi Arabia amid blockade
"Honestly, the security and stability of a neighboring Islamic country is in the interest of Muslim and Arab states", he added. Saudi Arabia hosted the two summits of Gulf and Arab leaders in a bid to present a united front.

On Thursday evening, Mr Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem as part of a Middle East tour before Washington unveils its long-awaited plan for Israel-Palestinian peace. The Blue and White didn't stand a chance to form the government this time because it lacked allies.

"Even though we had a little event last night", Netanyahu said, referring to the vote in parliament, "that's not going to stop us - we're going to keep working together".

Even before it has been announced, Palestinians have spurned the plan - described by Trump as "the deal of the century" - as a blow to their statehood hopes.

The next "snap" election is scheduled for September 17, 2019.

In December 2017, Trump announced that Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel and moved the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to the city in May previous year.

But the plan, previously delayed for an Israeli general election on April 9, could face further postponements due to Israeli politics.