Trump eyes more Iran sanctions; military action still on table


President Donald Trump said Saturday that the United States would impose "major" new sanctions on Iran in two days - a move sure to exacerbate tensions with the Islamic republic inflamed by the downing of a U.S. spy plane.

"And when they agree to that, they are going to have a wealthy country. That would have taken place probably within half an hour after I said 'go ahead".

Her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, said: "I've been asked how hopeful I am".

Trump also said "we very much appreciate" that Iran's Revolutionary Guard chose not to target a USA spy plane carrying more than 30 people.

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted that "We were cocked & loaded to retaliate" against Iran for shooting down an unmanned USA drone.

Mr Trump has said he does not want war with Iran, but warned it it would face "obliteration" if conflict broke out. "And I think I'm neither, if you want to know the truth", Trump told reporters.

Tensions have been escalating between these two countries after the U.S. recently blamed Iran for attacks on oil tankers operating in the region.

Iran has also been trying to hack U.S. naval ship systems, the Washington Post reported.

Britain's Foreign Office said Middle East minister Andrew Murrison would visit Tehran on Sunday to raise concerns about "Iran's regional conduct and its threat to cease complying with the nuclear deal".

Trump past year withdrew the United States from an global accord created to curb Iran s nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief.

The great danger facing the working class in the United States and internationally is that decisions with catastrophic implications are being made entirely behind their backs, with the extent of the war preparations and their consequences far exceeding what has been made known to the public.

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Currently, Israel is anxious about ongoing US-Iranian tensions and is preparing for any possible escalation which could affect its own interests.

The digital response reportedly targeted an Iran-based spy group that was involved in last week's mine attacks on cargo ships.

Israeli military analysts are afraid that a weak U.S. attack on Iran could provoke an Iranian attack on Israeli interests.

The President's decision to call off the attack is a reminder that despite the escalation in tensions between Washington and Tehran in recent weeks, there is a realisation that military action, once underway, can quickly lead to unintended consequences, including large-scale war.

Iran's IRGC said the drone's downing was a "clear message" to the United States that Iran's borders were "our red line".

The cyber strikes against Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were carried out by U.S. Cyber Command in coordination with U.S. Central Command, the newspaper said.

On Thursday, the Pentagon launched a long-planned cyber attack in retaliation for the oil tanker incidents, Yahoo News reported, citing former intelligence officials.

A "flying object" which flew over a Japanese tanker before it was rocked by a blast in last week's attack could have been a reconnaissance drone, experts have told the AFP news agency. These reports are pure Iranian propaganda.

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways has become the latest airline to announce it is suspending operations through Iranian airspace over the Straits of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman.

A report published by Yahoo News stated that an undisclosed intelligence group tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) reportedly "hacked" into U.S. marine traffic tracking websites.