Trump embraces Poland, attacks Germany once again


Ahead of the joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday, a F-35 conducted a flyover above the White House, in a stunt meant to celebrate Warsaw's decision to purchase 32 of the US-made jets.

US officials said this week that Trump was expected to announce that he will send about 1,000 additional troops and a squadron of Reaper drones to Poland to aid its self-defense amid concerns about Russian military activity.

Trump added that Poland would build a new facility to accommodate more USA troops in the country, but he demurred when asked whether it would be named "Fort Trump" as Poland offered when it proposed the idea a year ago.

US President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will send 1,000 more troops to Poland to counter Russia, while criticizing Germany for making itself a "hostage" to Moscow by over-relying on Russian energy supplies.

For the past year the Warsaw government has been lobbying the Americans to establish a permanent military base in Poland to host up to a division (several thousand) U.S. troops.

President Trump is expected to make the announcement alongside Polish President Andrej Duda at a signing event at the White House.

This is part of a 2016 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation agreement, made in response to Moscow's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. He said Poland is going to be spending a lot of money on a military facility for the troops.

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"It actually came close to a halt as it came over the White House", Trump said. Poland is one of seven of the 29 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies spending the target level of 2 per cent of... Senior administration officials say the move would be in compliance with the NATO-Russia Founding Act, which guides relations between NATO and Russia. "When bad things happen, it seems Poland is the first one that is in there and it is unfortunate".

Establishment of U.S. Special Operations Forces capability within Poland to support air, ground and maritime operations. Poland will finance that expanded presence as well as additional military infrastructure, including a USA divisional headquarters.

But Trump cautioned during an Oval Office meeting Wednesday with Polish President Andrzej Duda that a final decision has not been made. Instead, he announced that Poland will buy more liquified natural gas from the US and will cooperate with the USA on nuclear technology.

The rare White House flyover is the first for the US military's most advanced aircraft.

At a subsequent news conference, Trump called the display impressive.

Senior administration officials dubbed the forthcoming agreement on United States troops in Poland as a "significant announcement", but refused to delve into details of the agreement.

"Germany is not living up to what they're supposed to be doing with respect to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Poland is", Trump said.