Trump campaign raises $24.8 mn in less than 24 hours


Trump formally kicked off his 2020 campaign Tuesday night with a rally in Orlando, Florida. In his 2016 election campaign, he had popularised the slogan "make America great again".

Trump filed papers with the Federal Election Commission for his reelection campaign January 20, 2017, the day he was inaugurated, but his team considered Tuesday the public kickoff of his 2020 bid.

As an incumbent president, Trump also has the advantage of raising larger sums of money through his party.

At a $2,800-a-plate fundraiser in New York City on Monday night, Biden said his campaign had already raised almost $20 million, mostly from small donors.

Washington Examiner quoted Trump 2020 memos in an article saying the campaign wanted to raise $7 million yesterday in order to surpass the initial fundraising numbers of his Democratic challengers.

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It's also a sign that Trump's fundraising operation is already in high gear at a time when many Democratic donors have yet to engage and their party contends with a sprawling primary that has drawn more than 20 candidates. Former Vice President Joe Biden reported a 6.3 million dollars funding in the first 24 hours, former Texas Representative Beto O'Rourke took in 6.1 million dollars and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders reported 5.9 million dollars. He said he had taken on a "corrupt establishment" to restore a government "of, for and by the people". But in reliably liberal Orange County, Clinton bested Trump by more than 24 points.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore warned Democrats that President Trump "hasn't lost one inch of his fired-up insane base" following the official launch of his 2020 campaign. Trump is seeking her to run for the Governor of Arizona. "Oh, we will keep it so great". She was among the Trump super-fans who camped out on the sidewalk near the Amway Center overnight, despite the fact that she and her friend Anna Connelly had booked a hotel room for three nights as part of their rally road trip.

"Illegal mass migration brings in millions of low wage workers to compete for jobs, wages, and opportunities against the most vulnerable Americans, cutting off their path to the American dream", he said.

RNC chief of staff Richard Walters told Yahoo News that the total is a combination of the amount raised by the Trump campaign and Trump Victory, the joint fundraising arm for the campaign and the RNC. In addition, he intends to seize the initiative from Democrats, who will hold a first debate on the nomination of candidates for the post of President of the United States on June 26-27, in Miami (the Florida).