Trump Announces Tom Homan as Border Czar on Fox & Friends


Trump is pressuring Mexico to act to curb the surge of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in Central America and seeking asylum in the United States.

The document is a "supplementary agreement" to the deal the US and Mexico signed last Friday, and outlines additional measures the two sides agree to take.

The language is conclude to that of a "stable third nation" settlement that the U.S. has been making an try to rep which draw migrants getting into Mexico recount for asylum there moderately than the U.S. Mexico has resisted the kind of designation. However, Mexico has not accepted to receive an unlimited number of asylum seekers sent by the United States, said Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. Close to 12,000 people have been returned to Mexico since it began in January.

For example, a Guatemalan migrant heading north for the USA would be required to seek asylum in Mexico, and would be immediately deported back to Mexico if they tried to enter the U.S.

The document also stated that such an agreement was meant to be "part of a regional approach to burden-sharing" in processing migrants' asylum claims.

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The announcement comes as Mexico beefs up its security at the southern border as part of a recent agreement with the United States to stem the flow of migrants and asylum seekers north after pressure from US President Donald Trump, who had threatened escalating tariffs on Mexican goods if additional steps weren't taken.

"Tom Homan's coming back", Trump told "Fox & Friends" during a telephone interview.

"We won the lawsuit on the wall, brought by (Speaker) Nancy Pelosi", said Trump, adding that "maybe that's criminal" that Pelosi is "allowing drug dealers and gang members into our know how easy it would be to solve if we met 15 minutes with Democrats, you can solve the asylum (issue) and loopholes".

The agreement includes a clause by which, if the US determines that the measures adopted by Mexico have not achieved sufficient results in preventing migrant flows after 45 days, then "Mexico will take all necessary steps under domestic law to bring the agreement into force". The South American country has also agreed to consider a plan to make it a "safe third country". The head of Mexico's National Migration Institute, Tonatiuh Guillen, resigned on Friday for "personal reasons", an interior ministry official said.