Qatari PM to attend Gulf summit in Saudi Arabia amid blockade


"Honestly, the security and stability of a neighboring Islamic country is in the interest of Muslim and Arab states", he added. We share a common border that is 1,400 km long and a long history and relations, and it is also certain that the security of a fellow Islamic country is in the interest of Arab and Islamic countries.

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of arming Yemeni rebels behind the pipeline attack.

Iraq, which lies on the fault line between Shiite Iran and the mostly Sunni Arab world, also rejected the Arab League's final statement after the summit and was not a signatory to it.

Saudi King Salman invited Qatar's ruler, whose country is home to the largest USA military base in the region, to the Mecca summits.

He described terrorism and extremism as the plague of the era and its cancer, which lie in the forefront of the threats facing the Muslim world, citing the recent attacks targeting commercial vessels and oil pumping stations.

Saudi Arabia hosted the two summits of Gulf and Arab leaders in a bid to present a united front.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made an appeal to Arab leaders gathered in Mecca to reject a White House plan for the Palestinian-Israel conflict.

Donald Trump has made confronting Iran a cornerstone of his foreign policy and is squeezing its economy to force it to roll back its ballistic missile program and support for groups such as Lebanon's Hezbollah, which the USA deems a terrorist organization.

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The bus' claim went on to say "Let's fund our NHS instead", in reference to the taxpayer-funded National Health Service. Johnson's submission to the court, prepared by Darbishire stated that "the application is a (political) stunt".

Khashoggi, a Saudi royal insider and Washington Post contributor was killed and dismembered in what Saudi Arabia said was a "rogue" operation, but Central Intelligence Agency analysis leaked to the USA media pointed the finger at Prince Mohammed.

He noted that this has been the steadfast position of Arab states, including as recently as a year ago at an Arab League summit held in Saudi Arabia, which King Salman renamed the Jerusalem Summit.

"What the Iranian regime is doing, from intervening in regional countries' affairs and developing its nuclear program, threatening global maritime traffic and global oil supplies, is a blatant violation of the treaties and principles of the United Nations", King Salman said in a speech at the Gulf leaders summit.

"Undermining the security of the kingdom effectively undermines the security of the Arab and Islamic world, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation calls for a position on the attacks on the kingdom" said OIC Secretary-General Yousef Ahmed al-Othaimeen.

Attending Thursday night's summit were the leaders of Kuwait and Bahrain, as well as senior officials from the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar.

The OIC needs to stand for the sentiments of the Muslim world and make it known to the world how much love and respect we have for our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), says Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Kingdom backs honest efforts to find a political solution that will preserve the unity and institutions of Syria and end the presence of sectarian terrorist groups, based on the Geneva outcomes, statements of the International Syria Support Group and relevant Security Council resolutions, Al-Assaf said.

Regional tensions have grown since Mr Trump's administration reimposed sanctions against Iran after Washington unilaterally pulled out of a multilateral 2015 nuclear accord signed with the Islamic republic.