Protesters urge discussion of Hong Kong issues at G-20


Protesters in front of Hong Kong's largest consulates urged G20 countries to oppose China in the context of restricting freedoms in the financial centre at the forthcoming summit in Japan, BGNES and BNT said.

Holding placards including "Please Liberate Hong Kong" and chanting "Help Hong Kong", the demonstrators, some wearing masks, marched to a succession of consulates represented at the Group of 20 major economies summit in Japan's Osaka this weekend.

Millions of people have clogged the streets of the former British colony in recent weeks to protest against the bill, which would allow people to be extradited to the mainland to face trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party.

But Lam stopped short of protester demands to scrap the bill altogether, saying it would be suspended indefinitely.

Demonstrators wave their smartphones and shout slogans during a rally ahead of the G20 summit, urging the global community to back their demands for the government to withdraw a the extradition bill in Hong Kong, China on June 26, 2019.

"It's hard to ask people to come out again".

Activists have no plans to travel to Japan to protest, Sham said.

Although Hong Kong is part of China, it has a different legal system, a concept known as "one country, two systems".

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The appeals for leaders to confront China at the G20 summit is likely to further anger Beijing amid Chinese claims of foreign meddling helping stoke the Hong Kong protests.

Jeremy Hunt also urged the Hong Kong government to establish a "robust, independent investigation into the violent scenes that we saw".

Later, hundreds of demonstrators surrounded the Hong Kong Police Force headquarters for the second time in less than a week, blocking entrance gates with metal barricades and walls of umbrellas.

They also marched to the British consulate, where a man held up a sign reading, "Free HK from China colonization".

China says it fully backs Lam's administration's and has rejected foreign commentary over the protests and the extradition issue as interference in its internal affairs. "Britain has repeatedly made irresponsible remarks and flagrantly interfered with regards to Hong Kong". "China expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this".

Raising Hong Kong's extradition saga at the summit could embarrass Xi at a delicate time of rising trade tensions with the United States, and put more pressure on Hong Kong's leader amid reports that Beijing has serious doubts about Lam's capabilities.

A crowdfunding campaign raised more than US$860,000 to buy ads in major worldwide newspapers warning of the threat that the extradition bill poises to Hong Kong residents.

Protesters surrounded police headquarters in Hong Kong in another public display of frustrations.