Nicki Minaj Roast Miley Cyrus aka ‘Purdue Chicken’ To A Crisp


To be honest, it's not entirely clear what the current focus of rapper's criticism is, since she mostly talks about stuff that happened four years ago. On the other hand, Miley was in the news as she played a key role called Ashley in one of the episodes of Black Mirror.

The "Megatron" rapper pretty much confirmed it on Friday when she revealed that she had taken out a marriage license with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty.

Trina just dropped a brand new track called "BAPS" featuring Nicki Minaj.

"I fuck him like I miss him/He just came out of prison/Bitches be talkin shit, but they ain't got a pot to piss in/My name is Nicki M, I'm in a sticky Benz/That means its candy apple red/I'm Barbie, this is Ken", she raps.

According to XXL, she said: "She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason".

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Also, during the European leg of "Nicki WRLD Tour", a video of Minaj as a robot named Megatron aired.

Nicki was asked about Miley's recent comments, where the "Cattitude" singer joked about loving Nicki but preferring to listen to Cardi B.

"I think what they do is so different from each other. Now you coming out with pink wigs, all you b**ches wanna be Nicki". "That's why they both get a crown", she told "Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp". "She's happy and in love and he's not going anywhere", says the source, adding that Minaj pointing to the fact that the video has already exceeded 4 million views on YouTube. They don't have to break it in half.

While on Queen Radio, Nicki had something to say about Miley and it was not good!