Iran's responsibility for oil tanker attacks proven by new photos, Pentagon says


"We call on all sides to remain rational and exercise restraint, and not take any escalatory actions that irritate regional tensions, and not open a Pandora's box", Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters on Tuesday.

"In particular, the USA side should alter its extreme pressure methods", Wang said.

Facing twin challenges in the Persian Gulf, President Donald Trump said in an interview with TIME Monday that he might take military action to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but cast doubt on going to war to protect global oil supplies.

Iran's atomic energy organisation said on Monday the country would soon pass the amount of low-enriched uranium allowed under the deal.

The U.S. military released additional imagery on Monday.

This includes a fuzzy video of a purportedly Iranian boat removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the vessels, even though the ship's Japanese owner says his crew witnessed missiles whizzing through the air. The State Councillor's words come after the USA explicitly blamed Iran for attacking two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week, despite lacking concrete evidence.

Iran has vowed to withstand the United States "bullying policies".

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With the introduction of 1,000 troops, the president who was elected pledging to draw down American forces overseas and keep the United States out of Middle East wars seems to be itching for a fight - although he claims not to be.

Monday's troop increase announcement comes on top of 1,500 extra announced by President Donald Trump last month. We've seen it before in Iran's decision to accept the ceasefire ending the Iran-Iraq War in 1988 and when Tehran came to the negotiating table during the height of worldwide sanctions, pre-nuclear deal in 2012.

"The world is against the United States' unilateralism", the President continued, adding, "Our points of view are very close to those of China and Russian Federation in regional and worldwide issues". As it stands, Iran already acts as a destabilising influence in the region, taking British civilians hostage, abusing the human rights of its citizens and arming state and non-state actors, such as Syria and Hezbollah, to commit acts of violence against civilians.

American hypocrisy was on brazen display when it threatened dire punishment against Iran for failing to abide by the terms of the JCPOA after the U.S. administration itself had pulled out from what Donald Trump considered "a very bad deal". "We get very little".

Trump said he agrees with the USA intelligence community's assessment that Iran was behind the attacks, saying, "I don't think too many people don't believe it".

Dr Rouhani added, "Instead of appreciating Iran's humanitarian move and apologising Iran and its guest, they started a propaganda; of course, nobody except for the US, Britain and their disciples, which are a couple of small countries in the region, believed these words".

Breaching the nuke deal is plainly meant to freak out European leaders who desperately cling to faith in that accord (even though it gave Iran free rein to go fully nuclear within the decade).