Huawei working hard to launch new OS


President Donald Trump's administration last month put Huawei on a blacklist that barred it from doing business with USA tech companies such as Alphabet Inc, whose Android OS is used in Huawei's phones.

According to recent reports from China, cited by GSMArena, Huawei is ready to launch devices with its own OS as early as October. Specifically, a range of between 215 and 225 million units is indicated, thus increasing the 200 million reached in 2018.

Similarly, reports suggest that the new OS is launching on Huawei Mate 30 launch in this fall, whereas the P40 is referenced as an alternative. This confirms rumors that Huawei is working on a mobile operating system with the name Hongmeng.

US State Department director for global communications policy Jonathan Fritz said that only time would show if Huawei could diversify.

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No one knows exactly what will happen to Huawei in around two months, when a USA executive order is (theoretically) set to come into effect, essentially banning the Chinese tech giant from doing business with long-time partners like Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and possibly even Arm, to name just a few.

Andrew Williamson, vice president of Huawei's public affairs and communications, said Hongmeng was moving forward. Before that happens, the company is making sure that it has all its legal bases covered with trademarks in countries where it sells its devices. Huawei submitted its trademark application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office and South Korea on May 14, a few days after the U.S. threatened to include the company in its trade blacklist.

Huawei's new smartphone operating system could be used to drive a wedge in Google's Android dominance of the market, further signs from China on June 11 suggests. This likely started when the United States had accused Huawei of being the Chinese government's instrument to spy on other countries.

Pang, however, denied the delay was due to the ban, saying Huawei was in the process of running certification tests with various carriers that were expected to be completed in August. This means that everything from Facebook Messenger to platforms like Betway will run without problems on its new operating system.