How Trump Snookered His Cultist Base On Mexico


However, Mexico already agreed to that during secret talks in March.

Military police officer observe immigration agents during a search at a checkpoint on a road in Tuxtla Chico, Mexico, June 9, 2019.

The White House withdrew the tariff threat over the weekend after Mexico agreed to beef up its own border security and crack down on the caravans attempting to invade the U.S. Mexico, in turn, is obligated to take in these people and offer them jobs, health care and education.

A big part of the agreement announced Friday was an expansion of a program that makes asylum seekers stay in Mexico while their cases are considered.

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Help us grow and continue telling Israel's story to the world. "And on the other hand, we accepted to have a more extended version of (migrants remaining in Mexico during asylum claim processing) and to accelerate the deployment of the national guard", Ebrard said, calling the deal "a fair play".

Washington announced late on Friday that it had reached an agreement with its southern neighbor to curb illegal migration flows from Central America to the United States. "I told him that in Tijuana I would say that I do not lift a clenched fist but an open and frank hand to the president of the United States".

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Saturday that he had a phone call with Trump after negotiators reached a deal Friday. This after Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported that he proposed to the USA government to send 6,000 elements of the National Guard to the border with Guatemala, in the midst of negotiations for tariffs.

Lopez Obrador has struck a conciliatory tone with the US throughout his administration, and has doubled down on that stance since Trump threatened tariffs last week.