Here Are The New iOS 13 Wallpapers


Apple's new iOS 13 has a ton of privacy-focused features, including restrictions on location tracking. A developer beta is out now and a public beta will be arriving in July.

Among all the features that are released on privacy, highlighted are the ones where we will show more detailed information about those applications that have been using our location in the background.

The screenshot below shows the locations used by the Tesla app and the App Store. The notification also includes a map showing the exact locations where a particular app running in the background has been tracking an iPhone user. In addition, that same message will show a map of where you were tracked by the app with an explanation of why they needed background location access. According to the report, iOS 13 presents a pop-up notification when an app uses your location in the background.

9to5mac say that iOS 13 will also allow users to set apps to have access to location services "just once", instead of "all the time", "never", or "background only".

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The notification also asks whether users want the tracking to continue and the options are "Change to Only While Using", and "Always Allow".

iOS 13 will allow users to capture photos, video, audio, and other content from multiple cameras and microphones, offering significant opportunities for creatives on their iPhones.

This new feature could mean that users can take photos and share them on Instagram at the same time as being live on Facebook, or using an augmented reality camera to distort their face at the same time as being on a Twitter Periscope live stream.