Gillibrand wallops de Blasio for president in latest poll


A poll published on Saturday showed Mr Biden was favoured in Iowa, followed by Mr Sanders, Ms Warren and Mr Buttigieg.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was applauded Tuesday by Democrats in Iowa when he slammed President Trump with his own twist on the president's famous campaign slogan.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whose quiet, Midwestern approach and profile as 37-year-old Afghanistan veteran and married gay man has captured some Iowans' attention, also not so subtly challenged the idea that Mr Biden's experience made him the best party standard bearer.

"There's a lot more commitment than we normally see this early". He leads the polls, out of almost two dozen Democratic candidates, trying to stand out before the Iowa caucuses. "Joe Biden is a dummy".

The poll found that 49% said a candidate must be in favor of "Medicare for All", or universal health care in order to gain their support. Forty-seven percent say that several of the current candidates should exit the race, and 27 percent say majority should do so. The twin visits appear to be coincidental and the candidates will not come within 160 kilometers of each other, but the rhetoric will fly across the vast fields in the state. And a new poll just made their job much more hard.

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"After a weekend of campaigning in Iowa, all we've really learned about the Democratic candidates is how bad they are at telling jokes and what their favorite songs are on Spotify - that's it", Noah said. Mr Biden was absent from an event in the Midwest state last night that all his main rivals attended.

Sanders is also often name-checked as one of the candidates with an extensive ground operation now in the works, and he remains the candidate closest to Biden in polling. According to NBC, research finds that Biden leads those who plan to participate at the caucuses either in person or online.

That makes the results of this poll not directly comparable to past polls of the presidential field, the Register said. But veteran pollster Ann Selzer, who runs the Iowa Poll, says this conventional wisdom doesn't look likely to hold this go-round. The increased standing for both Warren and Buttigieg suggested a growing level of support for their candidacies.

Similarly to media mentions, Biden was named as a first or second choice candidate by 36%, the most of any candidate.

"When I decide is when I decide", Murphy, of Cedar Rapids, said Sunday as 1,500 activists gathered for the Iowa Democratic Party's Hall of Fame Celebration at the Cedar Rapids convention center.