'Cuphead,' the video game, is coming to Tesla, the cars


Cuphead, the extra-challenging indie game from StudioMDHR, is coming to a new platform, but it's probably not the one you'd expect.

Speaking on the unofficial Tesla podcast, Ride the Lightning, Musk said that the bakkie will look like something out of science-fiction while still offering incredible functionality.

The game is officially being released for Tesla's suite of electric vehicles.

The eccentric SpaceX and Tesla founder revealed to IGN that Tesla has been working with Studio MDHR to make the '20s-styled platformer playable on the Model X, Model S and Tesla Model 3.

However, Musk said that the Tesla Pick-up won't look like a normal bakkie - which means that it won't be for everyone, he said. Recently, Musk also sent an email to Tesla employees advising them to cut down on company expenses. Since then, Tesla has launched and expanded a set of classic Atari games playable on the central console, and Musk has tweeted about efforts to port the Unity Engine and Unreal Engine to the car's included computer platform. As a US -made vehicle, Tesla's cars in China have been subject to steep tariffs, and sales have suffered from the U.S.

Now, this is how Apple's iOS 13 will look like
In iOS, the Dark Mode changes the dock to a dark background, and Apple will likely have new wallpapers for this, notes the report. Apple announced Apple arcade a while back, but we might get to hear more details around the service at WWDC 2019 .

In a subsequent chat with Maja Moldenhauer, a producer and artist at the studio, McCaffrey confirmed a couple more details.

Tesla reported $700 million in losses for the first quarter of 2019.

You need a wired USB controller to play Cuphead in a Tesla; it does not support touchscreen controls.

Regardless of these limitations, it's a major step up from the Atari games now playable in Tesla cars. The list includes: 2048, Super Breakout, Missile Command, Asteroids, Lunar Lander, and Centipede.