A closer look at today’s Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct


And a new Pokemon Direct has just gifted us with tons of cool new details on what we can expect in the Galar Region (Pokemon England).

The story of Sword and Shield revolves around becoming the new Pokemon champion of the Galar Region which will involve defeating reigning champion Leon who is undefeated. His journey begins on the same day as yours, which means that we're going to see quite a traditional story line structure for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

It seems like this will be the only area where the wild Pokemon are visible, so those looking for shiny hunts will find this the best place to come. Pokemon battles in the Gala region is a huge focus of the country's entertainment so landmark fights occur in stadiums with a huge crowd! The effect can be used once a battle for three turns, and only one player can use the feature in raids. When exploring the Wild Area, the Pokemon you encounter depends on a number of variables, including terrain, your location within the Wild Area, and the weather, so exploring the whole thing and revisiting every time the weather changes might reveal some rare Pokemon.

New Pokemon will also appear on the map like in "Pokemon Let's Go!". Another Pokemon, an armored bird named Corviknight, will also serve as a taxi to cities players have visited. And you'll be aided by Professor Magnolia and her granddaughter Sonia.

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Obviously, take all this with handfuls of salt - nothing has been confirmed by the Pokemon Company or Game Freak or Nintendo and this is still unverified information.

Oh, and the game's legendaries are essentially big woofers: Zacian and Zamazenta. What do you think about this upcoming game?

Unique to Sword and Shield will be the ability to transform your Pokemon during battle into giant, towering forms of themselves.