Pushing off impeachment, Democrats find unity attacking Barr


The attorney general missed an initial subpoena deadline to turn over the Mueller material on Wednesday and skipped a hearing before Nadler's committee on Thursday after Democrats adopted an aggressive format that would have subjected Barr to questions from staff attorneys.

Attorney General William Barr's refusal to appear before the House Judiciary Committee did accomplish one thing, according to Rep. Jaime Raskin, D-Md. "Even the redacted version of the report outlines serious instances of wrongdoing by President Trump and his closest associates", House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler said in a statement.

Sen. Kamala Harris sent a letter to the Justice Department's inspector general on Friday, requesting an investigation into whether Attorney General William Barr has acted upon requests or suggestions from President Donald Trump or other White House officials to investigate the President's "perceived enemies". Graham has been firm that he would not bring Mueller in to testify about the investigation, but he said at the end of Wednesday's hearing he would instead write to Mueller to give him the chance to respond.

Barr already has publicly released the large majority of the report and even made available to Congress a version that only contained legally mandated redactions of grand jury testimony.

In an interview with the newspaper this week, the Democratic leader expressed worry over a scenario where Trump would not accept the election results if he were to lose re-election by a slim margin, the Times reported.

Barr said he was puzzled by Mueller's indecision, so he and his No. 2, Rod Rosenstein, examined the evidence and concluded there weren't sufficient grounds to charge Trump with obstruction of justice. Trump saw the report as a victory because it did not establish that Trump colluded with Russian Federation or obstructed justice. But Mueller sent Barr a letter in March, and he told Barr he was out-of-bounds by claiming he left the decision of obstruction up to him. During a brief Oval Office session with reporters Friday, Mr. Trump deferred to Mr. Barr, saying, "I don't know".

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Wikileaks called the sentence "as shocking as it is vindictive", citing a concern Mr Assange would not receive a fair hearing. Assange had sought asylum with Ecuador in 2012 to avoid facing extradition to Sweden on charges of rape and sexual assault .

But he was a no-show at a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, after its leadership announced it would have lawyers cross-examine him following a round of questioning by the panel's elected members.

The report detailed extensive contacts between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Moscow and the campaign's expectation that it would benefit from Russia's actions, which included hacking and propaganda to boost Trump and harm Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Barr has declined to request an exemption from a judge, and Nadler has not made that request either. "He lied to Congress", Pelosi said, apparently referring to Barr's testimony under oath before lawmakers in April.

"A tentative date has been set of May 15, and we hope the special counsel will appear", Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., said on "Fox News Sunday".

Another way Democrats can help President Trump win a second term is to continue to focus on congressional investigations and impeachment rather than addressing important political issues our nation faces, like border security, healthcare and the economy.

Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said if the attorney general doesn't provide the committee "with the information it demands and the respect that it deserves, Mr Barr's moment of accountability will come soon enough".