PlayStation State of Play Coming On May 9 With MediEvil Remake Showcase


Back in March Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) held its first State of Play broadcast, a new way for it to announce or reveal new information about the latest software for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

"I'm excited to share that State of Play will return for a new episode next Thursday, 9th May at 11.00pm BST/midnight CEST", reads a Sony post. But don't worry, Sony have got you covered, as they're going to drop a handful of news and reveals on you later this week. As of this writing, the first-ever "State of Play", now sits at 28 thousand dislikes to 9.4 likes.

As announced on the PlayStation blog, the next State of Play will take place on May 9, at 11pm BST (approximately May 10, 6am SGT). What are you hoping to see?

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After a variety of scenarios are shown, the people break into song, singing the old jingle that's been given a new twist. They're a limited edition and are only available in Austin, Seattle, Miami , Los Angeles and New York City.

One note: Don't expect any updates relating to our next-generation plans this time.

Sony is moving swiftly toward that 100 million PS4 sold mark, and is still content on giving us new game announcements, despite the fact that the PS5 is on the horizon in 2020. Release dates for Ghost of Tsushima or Death Stranding probably? The fact that we'll also be seeing the world premiere of a new title is also exciting.

You can tune into the PlayStation State of Play live stream when it kicks off on the official PlayStation channels, including Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.