Ocasio-Cortez's mom moved to Florida to escape NYC's property taxes


It began when, during a lengthy conversation about President Trump and condemnation of anti-Semitism on CNN Sunday morning, Conway said to host Jake Tapper that Ocasio-Cortez had tweeted extensively about the murdering of people of faith while they worshiped in New Zealand, but had not tweeted about the murder of people of faith while they worshiped in Sri Lanka on Easter.

"First of all I believe in human rights", she continued.

"Are you trying to imply that I am less Christian?" she asked.

After Conway's interview, CNN analyst Julian Zelizer incorrectly claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Conway said Ocasio-Cortez "didn't tweet anything about the synagogue shooting" when, in fact, she had.

In a series of posts to the social media platform, Ocasio-Cortez responded by explaining she'd been spending time in Puerto Rico with her grandmother "away from tech" over the Easter weekend.

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However, while the NY congresswoman's usually prolific tweeting habit did end on April 18 - presumably the day before she headed to Puerto Rico - and did not include any tweets on Easter Sunday, her account did include both a tweet and a retweet about the upcoming movie "Knock Down The House".

'What was the point of you bringing this up on national TV?

Particularly when you have Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton running around and calling the killed and wounded in Sri Lanka "Easter worshippers" - as if the Christians in church were actually pagans, worshipping some sort of holiday-slash-Easter-bunny, and not the risen Jesus Christ?

"AOC doesn't even know who her Democrat colleagues in Congress are, how embarrassing". She said Ocasio-Cortez's "extreme ideas like Green New Deal & Socialized Medicine DO scare me tho!" before asking the congresswoman to call her to talk about areas for bipartisanship. Immediately after the blasts, Sri Lanka launched a criminal probe, and has already detained over 100 suspects as a result of a full-blown security operation. My grandmothers are irreplaceable; miss them every day. I'm not as prolific a tweeter as she is. The Daily Caller pointed out that her tweets did end on April 18, and there were no tweets on Easter Sunday, but "her account did include both a tweet and a retweet about the upcoming movie "Knock Down The House".