New Star Wars movie trilogy confirmed, Disney reveals release dates and more


It's not clear yet whether Disney will put the full weight of its marketing behind any of the releases, or simply do the bare minimum to get the films out there, as it did with Strange Magic, which came from its Lucasfilm acquisition. Other than the sequel of Avatar, Disney has also scheduled three untitled Star Wars movies for the years 2022, 2024 and 2026.

Get your popcorn buckets ready - Disney has a packed slate of films through December 2027.

Unlike its Star Wars and Avatar arms, Disney is apparently choosing to be conservative about making superhero release-date promises any further than that.

These films have not yet been titled, but will most definitely exist outside of the nine numbered Skywalker Saga films. For the time being, it's hard to say specifically, but we have some idea of where things are going, based on what has already been announced. "And the buck stops here on that".

Almost one year ago, fans were devasted when Avengers: Infinity War concluded with Thanos carrying out his mission to eradicate half of the population in the universe, including several MCU heroes.

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As of now, we know virtually nothing about these movies outside of their release dates, which is pretty par for the course for the tight-lipped franchise. "Yes, we are developing something to look at".

"We will take a pause, some time, and reset", he told Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television in April.

She also confirmed that their trilogy would be set quite apart from the current Skywalker dynasty storyline, seen in all the movies so far.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy echoed Iger's comments indicating the film franchise would go on hiatus, "We're going to take a hiatus for a couple of years". The real question is who will be bringing us this movie content? "We're looking at: What is the next decade of storytelling?"

The revised Walt Disney Studios' 2019 summer slate includes Disney's Aladdin on May 24, Fox's Dark Phoenix on June 7, Pixar's Toy Story 4 on June 21, Fox's Stuber on July 12, and Disney's The Lion King on July 19.