Musk says Tesla on pace of record quarter in leaked email


Neither company has commented on this latest report, and it's not known if Apple remains interested in purchasing Tesla.

Last August, Tesla hit a high of $387.46 per share, which is almost double what the stock is today. Which is perhaps why Tesla's tweets have been noticeably more bonkers than usual over the past fortnight - has Adam perhaps been doing a little probationary period to see if he can handle the stresses of putting out content to Tesla's 3.76m obsessive Musk fans?

The larger takeaway from all of this Tesla hoopla is that demand, contrary to some analyst opinions, does not appear to be a huge issue for the company.

"The departure of key executives, price discounting, and extraordinary cost-cutting efforts add to the narrative of a company facing real potential stress". Then, the company's market capitalization was around $64.75 billion.

Tesla's stock price has been hammered for seven straight days and is showing no sign of stopping.

Tesla's debt has stalled at lows hit earlier this week. Tesla stock has about a 0.44% weight in the NASDAQ 100 Index.

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It was also becoming increasingly expensive to insure Tesla bonds against the risk of default.

Wall Street analysts now have an average price target of $US281, according to Bloomberg Data, down significantly from higher targets in recent months. The median price target is $250.19, a fifth above the current market.

Citi cut its price target while Bank of America Merrill Lynch said the company's losses and cash burn rate are "not turning a corner on a sustainable basis".

Jonas also pointed to the potential that the share action may just push the company in a different direction to generate value in the years ahead, raising the prospect of a sale that would fit with its Silicon Valley startup profile.

"Tesla is the EV industry leader for a reason, and we expect the company to remain successful". With Tesla's stock down 41% year to date, Musk's shares, including 102,880 he bought in this month's capital raise, were worth $6.6 billion on Wednesday.