Much ado about what to do: Microsoft wants Azure to help decide


"We're thrilled to partner with a leader like J.P. Morgan to establish a foundation on which enterprises and partners can rapidly build and scale blockchain networks", said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of Business Development, Microsoft.

In the future, both JP Morgan and Microsoft will continue their efforts to lower the burden on independent software vendor and developer needs for building and deploying blockchain applications on Quorum in the cloud. There are also new MLOps features for Azure DevOps, automated machine learning advancements, and a new visual machine learning interface.

Microsoft disclosed that more than 1.3 million developers use Azure Cognitive Services to integrate AI into their applications. Microsoft is putting some existing services into this category: Content Moderator (which tries to automatically detect offensive or undesirable text, images, and video) and Anomaly Detector (which examines time series data to find outlier or anomalous events).

Away from the cloud, Microsoft is beefing up its edge-compute offerings, too.

On the intelligent edge (a term for computing locally, rather than in the cloud), the company announced "IoT Plug and Play", a language to let developers more easily and instantly connect internet of things devices to the cloud.

USA bank JPMorgan Chase will use Microsoft Azure cloud storage in Quorum blockchain to simplify the process of creating and running applications in distributed network.

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This can also be combined with a retailer's current recommendation engine, it was said.

Farooq added that "Azure will bring unique strengths to enterprise clients using Quorum".

Quorum platform offers an enterprise-ready version of ethereum for businesses that need a secure, reliable, and open-sourced blockchain solution.

Ledgers however, are more of the early bedrock of the blockchain application that you wish to build.

By supporting Quorum, Microsoft and JPMorgan customers will have the ability to create and scale blockchain networks within Azure, says the press release.

The move comes just days after Amazon Web Services underlined its determination to stake a claim to the emerging promise of cloud networks in easing large-scale blockchain deployments, with the introduction of Amazon Managed Blockchain. Our new Azure Blockchain Dev Kit makes this easier than ever with connectors and templates for Logic Apps and Flow as well as integrations with serverless tools like Azure Functions.