Microsoft Unveils a Few PC Game Pass Details, Here's a Couple More


Microsoft says that Xbox Game Pass will launch with a "curated library of over 100 high-quality PC games" from developers and publishers like Bethesda, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital, Paradox, and Sega.

The company says that it is well aware of the fact that games want to have choice when it comes to buying and playing PC games, and that it is dedicated to deliver that choice. Announced in a blog post this morning, Microsoft is introducing Game Pass for PC but won't reveal everything until June 9th.

"It's critical that we make decisions that reinforce the open nature of the PC, focusing on how best to unite players on all devices around the games they love", Spencer continued. Where Game Pass factors in is that players from any ecosystem will be able to play against each other and Xbox One players (for applicable titles). Microsoft also confirmed that additional Xbox Game Studios titles would be coming to Steam in the future, joining the 20 studio titles already on Valve's platform. According to people familiar with company plans, the PC version of Game Pass will be included with Ultimate Game Pass that was announced earlier this year for no additional cost.

Many gamers don't like UWP games because they're locked down, meaning players can't tweak the games and install mods - something many PC gamers are passionate about. With a slate of new game modes and improved skating mechanics, you can cool down your summer on the ice.

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Phil Spencer, EVP of Microsoft Gaming, also revealed Microsoft's intent to release more PC games on multiple PC storefronts, including Steam and the Epic Games Stores. While not technically a part of Game Pass, titles like Gears of War 5, Age of Empires 1-3 Definitive Editions, and the upcoming Halo: Master Chief Collection will be purchasable on Steam when they launch.

Microsoft acknowledges that Win32 is the "app format that game developers love to use and gamers love to play".

Microsoft is well aware that the Microsoft Store did not become the go-to place for all things gaming or even applications.

One last technical note: Microsoft is enabling the sale of Win32 apps on the Microsoft Store, which is an older software architecture that's still common for making games.