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Thousands gathered at various locations along the volatile border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip, while crowds also demonstrated in the occupied West Bank. In several previous gatherings, Palestinians have attached cans of petrol to kites that are flown into Israeli territory and scorch fields. Organisers said that they were protesting the "unprecedented attacks to the collective rights of the Palestinian people".

Israel's military said around 10,000 "rioters and demonstrators" were along the Gaza fence.

An Israeli army spokesman warned people in the Gaza Strip not to reach the border fence or damage the infrastructure as such move would put them at risk. "IDF troops are responding with riot dispersal means", Israeli military said.

He also accused "American rabbis" of fuelling the neo-Nazis behind antisemitic terrorism, including the fatal terrorist attack on Poway synagogue, and claimed that they were "unleashing the extreme-right to win key votes in marginal states which determine the presidency", according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Palestinian fishermen, who try to make a living off the shores of the blockaded coastal enclave face daily risks, including routine harassment from Israeli naval forces, confiscation of boats and materials, detention and live fire.

According to official data, in the 1948 war, Israel was responsible for the displacement of almost 800,000 Palestinians.

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The demonstrations also comes just a couple of weeks after Israel was on the verge of another all-out war with Gaza.

Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza took part in marches towards the border with Israel, which quickly turned into confrontations, resulting in the injury of 62 Palestinians, two of them suffering from serious injuries.

This year's Nakba protests were preceded by a surge in deadly cross-border fighting between Gaza militants and Israel which ended in a ceasefire on May 6.

At least 293 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since the protests began in March 2018. In Gaza, 25 Palestinians were killed - among which nine were known members terrorist factions in Gaza - and 154 others were injured during the violence.

Both the Erez crossing for people and Kerem Shalom crossing for goods had been closed on 4 May, when Gaza rulers Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets at Israel.