Lars Sullivan Issues Statement On Controversial Past Comments


However, Lars is getting attention for all the wrong reasons right now, as a Reddit user recently dug up some offensive and racist comments which were allegedly made by Lars Sullivan on a message board.

In a statement issued to and later confirmed by Fightful, Sullivan addressed his past comments.

The posts include racist and homophobic remarks from two usernames said to be Lars Sullivan. For those skeptical, the account in question has photos of a younger Lars going back to 2013 as well as numerous other forms of verification that are discussed in the above Reddit post.

Sullivan's alleged posts include comments such as "some blacks want to take advantage of their great grandparents misfortunes".

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Many people have since tweeted Sullivan regarding these remarks, and have been blocked.

Big E surprisingly responded to the situation, stating that "many are aware".

Lars Sullivan has quickly become one of WWE's most talked about Superstars after brutalizing Kurt Angle, The Hardy Boyz, R-Truth and others following his arrival to the main roster last month.

WWE then teased his debut in November at Survivor Series past year, but he didn't actually appear on Raw or SmackDown until April 8.