Huawei puts Honor above Android at new smartphone launch


Chinese smartphone vendors have benefitted enormously from having access to Android, but their reliance on a third party operating system and platform was always a precarious position.

British and Japanese mobile phone companies said Wednesday they're putting on hold plans to sell new devices from Huawei, in the latest fallout from us tech restrictions aimed at the Chinese company.

A Huawei spokesman said the smartphones had already been certified by Google before it announced any restrictions.

Huawei smartphones could be getting their own Huawei OS in the future.

Nearly immediately after the US export ban, top American companies - including semiconductor giant Qualcomm Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google - began cutting off the supply of critical components and services to Huawei, Caixin reported on Monday. "You didn't come all the way to the top to get beaten for nothing", Boon Leo, a Huawei user from Malaysia wrote on the company's Facebook page.

The US controls "will have no impact within this company" and none on development of next-generation telecom technology, Ren said.

Zhengfei stressed the themes the company has continued to reiterate during its ongoing standoff with the US.

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So, in short, as things stand right now, for the next three months, Huawei can continue sourcing components and code from the United States to maintain smartphones, switches, base stations and other gear already in customers' hands.

Reuters reported on Sunday that Alphabet Inc's Google suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing, citing a source familiar with the matter.

As we and other outlets reported on Sunday, Google chose to largely cut ties with Huawei, which means the company has lost its Android license and that its devices will no longer receive Android updates. Updates from Google will continue because these are transactions between Google and end users, not Google and Huawei. This involves manually downloading and manually installing an Android app (Google Maps for example) from the many websites that provide the installation files.

Ren Zhengfei, the Chinese tech giant's CEO and founder, told state media outlet the Global Times on Tuesday that the company is well-prepared for usa sanctions, adding that temporary relief from those trade restrictions doesn't mean much to the company.

But the question that everyone is asking, what would happen if Huawei no longer makes Android smartphones? And now it remains to be seen how the trade war will be resolved, and whether Huawei will be allowed to do business with firms in the USA going forward.

Meanwhile, Beijing is keeping close tabs on developments and I would think that their interest is to not let Huawei fail.