House panel issues subpoenas for Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson


A federal judge in NY rejected President Donald Trump's request to keep his banks from producing financial records to lawmakers.

"We believe the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up", Pelosi said told reporters afterward. "We have to see that [Mexico passes] the legislation, that they have the factors in place that will make sure it's implemented and they demonstrate some commitments in sincerity because it's a big issue how workers are treated in Mexico", Pelosi told Politico.

"No one is above the law", she wrote.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., while saying Pelosi is working to bring the party together, suggested Tuesday that politics are the main element preventing members from pressing ahead at this stage.

"It is just as politicized a maneuver to not impeach in the face of overwhelming evidence as it is to impeach w/o cause".

"Congress swore an oath to uphold the Constitution".

In a lawsuit filed on April 29, lawyers for Trump, his children and the Trump Organization argued that the subpoenas were too broad, and that Democrats are hoping they will "stumble upon something" that could be used for political attacks on the president.

How would an inquiry work?

The White House contends that even former employees like McGahn do not have to abide by subpoenas from Congress. An inquiry is the first step in the process of an impeachment vote in the House. With an election 18 months away, Democratic leaders have so far stuck to the position that determined investigations of Trump will serve a better objective than a politically fraught impeachment effort. Trump has committed impeachable offenses (his refusal to comply with Congressional subpoenas was one of Nixon's articles of impeachment), and by not impeaching him, Congress is abdicating their constitutionally mandated oversight duty. The rules require 48-hour notice, but many House members will be flying out of town on Thursday for the Memorial Day holiday, a logistical challenge that means any contempt vote would be unlikely before June.

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On Wednesday, House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff said the department had reached an agreement to turn over some counterintelligence reports from the inquiry. When asked at the Center for American Progress event about impeachment, Pelosi urged measured restraint. When you're done we can talk.

In his report, Mueller found no conspiracy between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump met with the Democrats on infrastructure three weeks ago while the investigations were going on, and they were not brought up, the Democrats said.

But other members of her caucus are reported to have pressed for formal impeachment proceedings on grounds that Congress needs to assert its historical oversight powers as a check against the executive.

Numerous arguments for and against beginning impeachment proceedings will likely be aired during the special Wednesday caucus meeting.

Amash's comments were rejected by Republican leadership, including Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who called his assessment "dead wrong".

Later, in remarks to the Center for American Progress, Pelosi said: "This is why I think the president was so steamed off this morning: Because the fat is in plain sight, in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice and he's engaged in a cover up. And his reading is just way off base", Scalise added.

Likening it to Teddy Roosevelt's big lift in creating the national park system, Pelosi said she was ready to give Trump a once-a-century win.