HBO Explains and Fixes That Starbucks Cup On 'Game Of Thrones'


HBO also saw the amusing side, issuing a short apology while confirming that "the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake". This meant I had to avoid certain parts of the internet for the entire day until I could watch it last night.

While watching the next episode, will I grip my couch cushions so hard that I'm cleaning padding out from under my fingernails for a week?

The spoilers and leaks are completely unsubstantiated at this point, with no sources cited, but people seem particularly certain that these new leaks are legit, because the ones ahead of episode four mostly turned out to be the real deal.

As the episode aired Sunday, fans caught and shared screenshots as well as memes of what they thought was a Starbucks cup in front of Daenerys Targaryen during a celebration at Winterfell.

Amateur sleuths tried to determine where the coffee cup came from, with But some viewers who took to Twitter concluding it was from Starbucks. Game of Thrones fans had been long speculating which character would be the one to kill the Night King and it was Jon Snow (Kit Harington) who emerged as an early possibility. A rep for HBO didn't respond to a request for comment. It also prompted a number of critiques on how the biggest show on television could make such a mistake. "Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea", the official Game of Thrones Twitter account tweeted out.

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RIP, Game of Thrones coffee cup. "Things can get forgotten on set", Richter wrote in an email.

Despite all the attention, HBO quickly removed the cup from the scene.

There have been far more innocuous gaffs than this in very high profile productions over the years. There are some parked cars visible in the background of the film Braveheart, which takes place in Scotland in the 13th century.

Now that that cup is a bonafide star, we look forward to its role in at least one of the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoffs. "You've always been waiting to see what objective Arya's assassin skills were going to lead to, and it's for the most important goal".