Google Introduces Updated Android Auto, New Driving Mode For Assistant


At the developer fair Google I/O there will be a session "What's New with Android for Cars". Google says you should be expecting this update to come to your car-or your phone, if you use it on your phone-sometime later this summer. And Android Auto will be following suit by adopting a new dark theme, along with Google's material design.

"With Android Q, we'll update important OS components in the background, similar to the way we update apps", said Cuthbertson. Also on the call by "Okay Google" the system reacts then immediately. Where cards with relevant information used to take center stage, Google has now moved toward serving up a list of app icons, more similarly to how Apple's CarPlay operates.

The most obvious new feature is dark mode, which will be released system-wide in Android Q. It's accessible via a toggle switch in the quick settings area and it'll also be activated when you turn on battery saver mode.

Google LLC is serving up more treats for developers with a bevy of updates to its open-source Flutter software for building rich user interfaces for both Android and iOS apps using the same code. There will be support for foldable smartphones, improvements in regard to user control over apps accessing private data, new audio and video codecs, and much more. As soon as speech is detected, captions will appear, without ever needing Wi-Fi or cellphone data.

Take a call and keep Google Maps open with Assistant's 'driving mode'
Android Q has dark mode, better gestures, and an impressive new accessibility feature in live captions . Drivers can tap a suggested location or use the "Hey Google" voice command to navigate somewhere new.

"On-device machine learning also powers Smart Reply, which is now built into the notification system in Android, allowing any messaging app to suggest replies in notifications", she said.

Android Q is custom made to cater to the demands of foldable and 5G phones. You can also send messages, play podcasts, and plenty of other things just by talking to your phone. This year, Google's adding a new "focus mode" to help shut down various distractions.

Android Q Beta 3 comes packed with numerous improvements and new features that early adopters may enjoy if they feel courageous enough to enrol their devices into the Android Q Beta program.

Once we have download links, we'll update this post.