Champions League ban for Manchester City recommended by UEFA investigators, report says


Manchester City clinched our fourth Premier League title with a thrilling 4-1 final day triumph over Brighton and Hove Albion, pipping Liverpool to the league crown by a single point.

Manchester City, the now back-to-back Premier League champions, could be facing a minumum 1 year ban from the UEFA Champions League - if UEFA get their way.

Liverpool midfielder James Milner says the club have a chance to redeem themselves in the Champions League final after missing out on Premier League glory.

The footage has gone viral on social media with Liverpool supporters rightly appalled at how City have conducted themselves.

Last February, head of UEFA's investigatory panel Yves Leterme, who is ex- Belgian prime minister insists the situation does not look good for City.

The Premier League champions have, however, expressed concern about reports that investigators are pushing for a Champions League ban before the European governing body's probe has officially been completed.

UEFA's group investigating City's finances are believed to have finalised their conclusions during a meeting in Nyon, Switzerland two weeks ago.

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Investigators from UEFA, which runs the European tournament, will reportedly recommend the team be barred from the competition after looking into allegations they broke fair-play regulations, according to the New York Times.

But Man City have condemned "the speculation resulting from the illegal hacking and out of context publication of City emails" and added: "The accusations of financial irregularities are entirely false".

But the club says the claims made in Der Spiegel were an "organized and clear" attempt to damage its reputation.

If he does sanction a year-long Champions League ban, given that Man City would nearly certainly appeal, it is unclear it would be able to be enforced in time for next season's competition.

It is alleged that money was funnelled into the club by a United Arab Emirates based investment company, which bypassed FFP rules by inflating the terms of sponsorship agreements.

City were fined 60 million euros ($67.3 million) and subjected to squad, wage and spending caps in a 2014 settlement agreed with UEFA following a previous breach of the rules.