Berkshire Hathaway renews building lease in Omaha for 20 years


Mr Buffett, known as the "Sage of Omaha", is chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, which owns dozens of U.S. stocks.

That means Berkshire Hathaway's corporate culture should live on even after Buffett is gone.

However, that does not reflect the performance of one of its more troublesome investments, the 26.7% stake in food giant Kraft Heinz, which has not yet filed its quarterly results with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Berkshire Hathaway Inc Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said he would "love to put more money in the UK" despite uncertainty over whether and how Britain will leave the European Union.

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The distinction is notable, analysts said, in that Buffett has shied away from investing in technology companies, with IBM and then much later, Apple, rare exceptions.

Investing in Amazon, whose shares are approaching $2,000 apiece, might seem at odds with Buffett's usual approach of buying stakes in profitable companies that are undervalued by the market. "Amazon is kind of the flip side of that".

On the sidelines of the annual shareholders meeting of his Berkshire Hathaway empire in Omaha, Buffett made a surprise appearance at a gathering called Variant Perspectives, organized by a group of women financial professionals aiming to end the imbalance. The stock is up 30 percent in 2019. Someone younger will need to take over.