Barr taps U.S. attorney in CT to review origins of Russian Federation probe


U.S. President Donald Trump says he did not order Attorney General William Barr to launch another investigation into the origin of the Mueller probe, but says he is glad Barr did. Strzok was quietly removed from the Mueller probe after the discovery of his text messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page - with whom he was having an extramarital affair - revealed revealing intense personal bias against Trump, raising concerns of a prejudiced investigation.

Trump and his GOP allies also assert the dossier was the genesis of Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

The breathtaking corruption already exposed in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and overall intelligence community has resulted in countless firings, demotions, resignations, and demolished reputations: Just for starters, the FBI's disgraced former Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andre McCabe, and counterintelligence expert Peter Strzok have all been fired.

Michael E. Horowitz, inspector general of the FBI, is examining investigators' use of wiretaps and informants during the investigation after evidence emerged that several FBI officials conspired to kick Trump out of office.

Trump, asked outside the White House on Tuesday if he had ordered Barr to look into the matter, told reporters, "No I didn't ask him to do that".

Durham is tasked with ensuring that the government's "intelligence collections activities" of the Trump campaign were "lawful and appropriate", a person familiar with the decision told the Washington Post Durham's appointment marks the third known inquiry focused on the opening of the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

"I think spying did occur", he said during his congressional testimony. "I'd wait for the outcome of that to determine if there needs to be more investigations".

"I thought the attorney general answered it perfectly", Trump said.

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Durham, nominated as U.S. Attorney by Trump in late 2017 and confirmed in 2018, has prior experience as a special prosecutor.

Durham has served in the US attorney's office since 1989, holding a number of positions, including acting USA attorney.

Hemmer asked about another USA attorney previously tasked with a similar investigation. But the investigation itself, as unjust as those three years were, was good for the country because the country now believes the issue has been sufficiently scrutinized and investigated.

Durham is a career prosecutor who was nominated for his post as USA attorney in CT by Trump.

"Generally, he's got a fine reputation", said Rossman, a former USA attorney for the Eastern District of MI.

Some Republicans, however, wanted the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel, who would have broader powers and more independence, to investigate the origins of the Russian Federation probe.

Barbara McQuade, also a former USA attorney for the Eastern District of MI, said Durham's investigation of FBI corruption in the Whitey Bulger case earned him a "very good reputation", that may have appealed to Barr.