Australian PM Morrison egged on election campaign trail


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a lucky escape after a protester tried and failed to crack an egg on his head.

Video shows a young woman walking up behind Morrison with an egg in hand before aiming it at his head. Following the incident, Morrison said in a tweet that he helped the woman onto her feet.

Security guards swiftly pounced on the protester, who was wearing a beanie and casual clothes, and dragged her away. An additional charge of possess prohibited drug was laid.

After narrowly avoiding having an egg cracked on his head, Scott Morrison is setting out to avoid losing his third debate against Labor rival Bill Shorten.

The country's Prime Minister Scott Morrison was the target this time, but turned out to be egg-proof in a manner of speaking.

Mr Morrison helped the woman to her feet and spoke with her before she was created by St John Ambulance members at the scene. She was released on bail and is to appear at Albury Local Court on May 27. A crowdfunding campaigned raised tens of thousands of dollars for his potential legal fees, as many critics of Anning responded with fury over Anning's remarks about the Christchurch attack and were enraged that he responded to the egging by striking his assailant in the face.

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She denied egg-smashing was violent, saying it was "the most harmless thing you can do".

Mr Abbott was also targeted on Tuesday, with faeces hidden inside a book dumped outside the former prime minister's electorate office in northern Sydney.

"Just because you have a difference of view to someone doesn't mean you have to engage in these sort of ugly types of protests. we are civilised people".

If re-elected on May 18, Morrison has promised to change laws to prevent vegan activist organization Aussie Farms from publishing the addresses of farms it accuses of animal cruelty and encouraging the public to harass the farmers. Our farmers have to put up with these same idiots who are invading their farms and their homes.

Australians are due to vote in a general election on 18 May.