Apple refreshes iPod Touch: What’s new and different


An iPhone 7, which has the same processor and thus the same power as the iPod touch, costs $449 new and starts at $279 for used models on Gazelle. The display is still the teeny 4-inches, and the camera is still the same.

The iPod Touch comes in Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, and Red (Product RED).

Apple hadn't updated the iPod since 2015, and the enhancements will support Apple's new services, such as Apple News+, Apple Arcade for games and Apple TV+, due to hit later this fall with original programming. The new iPod touch models will be in Apple Stores later this week. It's quite disappointing that Apple didn't upgrade anything but the chip.

In many ways, the seventh-generation iPod touch is a mixture of both old and new.

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When can I get the new iPod touch? The (PRODUCT) RED iPod touch is welcome both for its brightness and its AIDS-research donation.

Apple isn't giving up on the iPod just yet as they have just announced an updated iPod Touch that offers greater performance and more room to store your content. But the iPod touch isn't an iPhone, so Apple can satisfy its customers without angering investors with dropping average iPhone prices. Yes, Apple is still iPods!

The iPod touch can't connect to cellular networks.

As a reminder, WWDC kicks off on Monday, June 3 and expect plenty of news about what's coming next to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. It'll have a month fee attached to it, like Apple Music and Apple News+. The gateway drug to getting an iPhone if you will. By virtue of keeping existing industrial design, prices can stay relatively low, all the while catering to a broader audience than Apple's flagship hardware might.