Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's almost seven-year stay at Ecuador's embassy in London came to an abrupt end on Thursday when police entered the building and arrested him after Ecuador withdrew his asylum.

"Ecuador's measures against Julian Assange have been widely condemned by the human rights community", a Wikileaks statement said at the time.

Ecuador's president, Lenin Moreno, said his government made a "sovereign decision" to revoke Assange's political asylum due to "repeated violations to worldwide conventions and daily-life".

That is why, within minutes of Ecuador's president announcing Assange's political asylum has been revoked, London police entered the embassy to arrest him.

Following his arrest Thursday morning the WikiLeaks founder was taken before Westminster Magistrates Court later in the day to answer the charge he was officially arrested for, dating from a 2012 warrant. After several hearings and appeals, a British court ordered his extradition to Sweden in 2012, but Mr. Assange failed to hand himself over and, instead, sought asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy.

"We remain concerned about the cooperation that Ecuador has provided the United States", she said.

Ecuador's vice-president, Otto Sonnenholzner, says Assange will have to "abide by the consequences" if he is found to have violated an embassy protocol put in place in October.

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Her concerns appear to be shared with her left-wing ally across the pond, the leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, who also waded into the debate over Mr Assange's controversial arrest.

Moreno claimed Assange had been responsible for "repeated violations to worldwide conventions and daily-life protocols".

The documents include thousands of photographs and gigabytes of video footage showing Assange meeting with lawyers and visitors and of him receiving a medical check-up.

But the country's Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo hit back by claiming Correa had allowed the 47-year-old to get away with some unimaginable behaviour.

WikiLeaks angered Washington by publishing hundreds of thousands of secret United States diplomatic cables that laid bare often highly critical U.S. appraisals of world leaders from Russian President Vladimir Putin to members of the Saudi royal family.

He was led "screaming" from the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London where he was arrested on Thursday morning, a witness said.