Who are Sri Lankan killers who unleashed bloodshed?


America's ambassador to Sri Lanka says the United States believes there are "ongoing terrorist plots" after suicide bombings targeting Christians and tourists on Easter Sunday. One of them had studied in Britain and Australia.

The UN said at least 45 children were killed in the attacks.

Despite a weakened presence in places such as Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State terrorist group remains a serious threat, said Aaron Cohen, a counter-terrorist and security expert, on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday.

The agency also released another statement identifying the seven suicide bombers by their assumed combat name.

The first warning came more than two weeks before the attacks.

"Sri Lanka will try its best to resume tourism", said Ratnayake, adding that the attacks had not targeted tourists.

The deputy defence minister Ruwan Wijewardene said Wednesday that the death toll has risen to 359 people, including 39 foreignters.

Since then, barring sporadic attacks, Sri Lanka has gradually returned to normalcy.

Wijewardene described the bombers as middle to upper class men whose families were financially stable and said many of them held degrees.

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Two Australians killed in the Sri Lankan bombings were identified as a mother and daughter who had been living in the country for several years.

Sri Lanka's government has blamed the blasts on local Islamist group National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ). Wickremesinghe acknowledged Tuesday that there had been a "breakdown in communication", but said any differences with Sirisena have been resolved. "We informed the authorities concerned after that", the official said.

The document does not provide evidence to suggest an explicit link between the Christchurch attacks and the Sri Lankan Easter Sunday attacks. A fourth planned attack on a hotel failed, authorities said.

He also warned there were more explosives and militants "out there" and that India's embassy had previously been eyed as a possible target by them. However, he offered no evidence or explanation for the claim. He gave no further details. However, intelligence officials felt that the group, which could not completely deface a Buddhist statue, would not be able to carry out a mission on such a large scale. New reports reveal that burqas may have been used by female accomplices in the Easter Sunday bombings.

The Sri Lankan government on Wednesday admitted that "major" intelligence lapses led to the massive Easter Sunday bombings that killed over 350 people and indicated that heads will roll for failing to act on tip-offs.

The President said that since 2017, there were intelligence information about the emergence of terrorist groups and the fact that some of them were receiving training in foreign countries.

He agreed with Palmer that it seemed like Sri Lanka's intelligence and security services were more than complacent - even criminally negligent.

Sri Lankan officials said 38 foreign nationals were among the dead, with another 14 unaccounted for.