Trump says he'll give Mexico a one-year warning before closing border


Facing a surge of Central American migrants trying to enter the U.S., Trump last week threatened to seal the border this week if Mexico did not immediately halt all illegal immigration into the U.S., a move that would have enormous economic consequences on both sides of the border. I'll do one or the other and probably start off with the tariffs.

"We love Mexico, we love the country of Mexico, we have two problems", Trump said, pointing to the flow of migrants and illegal drugs crossing the border.

Later on Thursday, a top Mexican trade official said that the trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the United States was firm on the vehicle industry and not under threat.

Autoparts and medical equipment makers were among the companies considering the more expensive air cargo to avoid incurring penalties for late delivery to USA clients, or factory closures, Luis Aguirre, the president of Mexico's manufacturing industry chamber INDEX, said late on Wednesday.

"Trump is seeking re-election, and clearly the threats about the increase in immigrants is political", said Aguirre, adding that Mexican companies would argue at a major U.S. -Mexico forum next week that immigration and trade should be treated separately.

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"If the border closes, this would be unchartered territory", Magana said. In an interview on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump was making the trip so that Americans will "get a chance to see some of the things that are going on, on the ground and hear from the people dealing with this crisis day in and day out".

The president is meeting with the Chinese vice premier later Thursday.

"The president wants to show the progress that we've made on the border wall". As for the hundreds of thousands of tourists and workers who cross the border legally, Kudlow said, "that may be hard". The United States and Mexico trade about $1.7 billion in goods daily, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Pelosi, who took over as House Speaker in January, vowed to block any money for the wall, ever, and gloated when the compromise appropriations bill that staved off the second shutdown gave the administration even less funding for border protection than the December proposal Trump had rejected. The president will also hold a roundtable with local law enforcement officials.

Trump has been increasingly exasperated by the swelling numbers of migrants entering the US, including thousands who have being released after arriving because border officials have no space for them. But this is a renovated section of an already existing barrier that had been ordered to be built under the Obama administration.