Trump again attacks 'Angry Democrats' over Mueller probe


US President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that has not read US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report detailing whether there was collaboration between the president's 2016 campaign team and the Kremlin.

And on Thursday Jerry Nadler, the committee chairman, demanded Barr turn over all communications between his office and Mueller's, following the reports Mueller's staff were unhappy with the way Barr presented their conclusions.

One of the many investigations targeting Mr Trump on Capitol Hill and in the USA court system, the House Democrat's probe into the president's tax returns could pull back the curtain on his business empire and his reputation as a savvy dealmaker.

The newspaper's sources did not explain why some in Mueller's team thought the findings were more damaging to Trump than Barr has revealed, but the report is expected to outline the president's attempts to thwart the investigation. He has previously said he did not believe it would be in the public's interest to release the full document in piecemeal or gradual fashion, and that he did not intend for his letter summarizing Mueller's "principal conclusions" to be an "exhaustive recounting" of the special counsel's investigation. Barr also said Mueller also did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump had illegally interfered with the Russian Federation investigation, which has cast a shadow over his presidency. Democrats suspect the evidence could be damning to the president -setting up a legal and political showdown.

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Barr has said he plans to release a version of the Mueller report to Congress by the middle of April. After Mr. Mueller made no judgment on the obstruction matter, Mr. Barr stepped in to declare that he himself had cleared Mr. Trump of wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, members of Congress might get their first chance to press Barr in public about the Mueller report, when he appears before the House Appropriations Committee in a hearing nominally focused on the Justice Department Budget.

While Donald Trump does the happy dance and crows that he's been "completely and totally exonerated" for all we know the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker may have been exonerated as well, or maybe not. Trump's Sunday morning tweet was apparently referring to such reports as well as the members of Mueller's team who reportedly spoke to the media.

Nadler indicated if necessary, lawmakers could go to court to ensure they'll see even grand jury data in the Mueller report.