Shareholders to decide on recognizing Venezuela


He told the council: "We must stop this war of Donald Trump".

The International Monetary Fund has expressed "grave concern" about the humanitarian and economic crisis facing Venezuela, declaring that it was generally not welcomed it stands ready to assist.

At a meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday, Pence directly addressed Venezuelan envoy Samuel Moncada soon after he had spoken.

The pressure for increased aid to the oil-rich but imploding country follows clumsy efforts by the Trump administration to politicise the delivery of United States aid to shore up support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom Washington and dozens of other countries have backed as interim leader over Maduro.

After accusing Maduro of human rights violations, impoverishing the nation and creating a failed state, Pence said that Washington would use diplomatic and economic means to bring about a peaceful change on government, adding: "All options are on the table".

VP Pence to Venezuela ambassador: "With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, you shouldn't be here".

Washington will present a draft United Nations resolution aimed at recognizing the opposition leader, revoking the credentials of Maduro's United Nations envoy and appointing Guaido's representative as the ambassador to the world body, Pence told the council. "It's time for him to go".

"There can be no bystanders to this history", Pence said.

Barr: 'I think spying did occur' against Trump campaign
Although he was non-specific about what he was referring to by spying, Barr mentioned the intelligence community. Coons said he is not, adding Barr's actions have "created more confusion" than it has created transparency.

"The Organization of American States, as we understand, has succumbed to White House influences", she said.

He said the United States had drafted a U.N. resolution and called on all states to support it. "We can do more to relieve the suffering of the people of Venezuela, if we get more help and support from all stakeholders".

With regard to Iranian and Russian support to the Venezuelan government, he said, "the President's message is very clear. Maduro and his thugs have left us no choice". He said also it's time for the seat Guaido's representative at the United Nations - and expel the current representative.

The US leader called on the United Nations to revoke the credentials of the current Venezuela representative Samuel Moncada.

"If you want to make America great again, and we're all sincerely interested in seeing that, stop interfering in the affairs of other states", Nebenzia told USA officials. "No one likes that", he said.

Mr. Pence said that the U.S. "will continue to exert all diplomatic and economic pressure to bring about a peaceful transition to democracy in Venezuela".

"It's a historic opportunity when you have all but a handful of countries that are truly market-driven, democratic in ways that you haven't had in South America for decades", Pompeo told reporters earlier en route to Santiago, where he met with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.