Sesame Street’s Elmo Brings Peace and Respect to Game of Thrones


The video is part of Sesame Workshop's "Respect Brings Us Together" campaign, which includes videos with Common and a trip to Westworld. While discussing the matter they're suddenly joined at the table by one of the last characters you would ever expect to see in Westeros, Elmo. He points out that this is why she doesn't have any friends but before she can respond, both realize that someone has broken in.

"If we stop fighting and work together, we can be stronger", muses Tyrion, echoing the arguments made by Jon Snow in the season 7 premiere, when the would-be King of the North brought a wight before Cersei to try to sway her to their cause.

Elmo acts an intermediary between the siblings and persuades them to give his concept of respect a shot, using how he deals with a hard Cookie Monster as an example. "When Elmo has a problem with his friends, like Abby or Cookie Monster, Elmo doesn't get upset, Elmo listens and learns from what they have to say", Elmo said. And while we still have a few episodes left before we find out what ultimately happens in Westeros, Sesame Street has partnered with HBO to give us an alternate ending that is not likely to occur.

Right, well Game of Thrones airs Mondays on Foxtel. He say's he's willing to do just that.

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"Will Miss Cersei try to listen and understand what Mister Tyrion is saying?"

The Twitter account for "Sesame Street" later shared a similar clip that features Cookie Monster, actors from the show "Westworld", and the #RespectBringsUsTogether hashtag along with another, #Respect World.

"Sesame Street was created in 1969, a time not unlike today, when there were large social divisions".

Enter Elmo, who's here to teach the Lannisters a lesson in respect. Sesame Street has been a great learning tool throughout the years for many people and has taught us a great deal about ethics and morality. Look how happy they all look - Muppets will do that to even a blood-thirsty, brother-loving queen.