Robert Kraft Challenging Florida Constitution Over Spa Video Tape


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As a rebuttal, Kraft's legal team reportedly filed an emergency motion to block the release, describing the intention as "an extraordinary and alarming development involving what appears to be gross prosecutorial misconduct".

Kraft's defense team claims the release of the video would "violate Mr. Kraft's constitutional rights if disseminated, and Mr. Kraft has an obvious and profound stake in any potential disclosure of the sensitive materials at issue, which, among other things, show him naked, and should therefore be permitted to intervene for the sake of protecting his interests and informing the Court's decision".

The Twitterverse has a lot to say about the emerging news that federal prosecutors intend to release the footage they have from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's prostitution scandal. Part of the evidence collected against the men, as well as two women who ran the spa, was video surveillance installed by police.

In the documents filed Wednesday, State Attorney Dave Aronberg said he can not wait for a ruling on Kraft's legal challenge.

But prosecutors say they are obligated to release video evidence to the media under Florida law and that the state can not wait for a judge to rule on Kraft's legal challenge regarding the release of video evidence.

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Kraft's attorneys have also argued that the release of the video evidence from inside Orchids of Asia would harm his chance of getting a fair trial.

Prosecutors offered him and the other defendants a diversion agreement last month that would allow them to have the cases expunged and the evidence sealed if they agreed to certain conditions, including an admission that they would have lost had the case gone to court. But Kraft wasn't done with his legal battle.

Friday's hearing took place after media outlets, including CNN, requested the video be released.

In court papers, prosecutors said that - unless a judge tells them not to - they will move forward with releasing pixelated videos obtained by Jupiter police.

Like Kraft, both women have now asked the courts to bar the release of the videos while their criminal cases are pending.