Oliver North will not serve a second term as NRA president


A man in the crowd at President Trump's speech to the National Rifle Association faces charges in IN after allegedly throwing a cell phone at the stage as the president approached the lectern, sources told Fox News. As Trump approached the lectern to begin his speech, a cellphone flew toward the stage.

LaPierre has led the NRA as executive vice president since 1991, helping grow the organization into the most politically powerful juggernaut on the national scene, exceeding $300 million in annual revenues at its peak.

The President of the United States is no longer in IN but his words are still buzzing in the minds of supporters and protestors who heard him speak Friday.

Given that the ATT called for heightened scrutiny of arms sales in cases where they "could be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of global humanitarian or human rights law, acts of terrorism, or transnational organized crime", ratifying it would likely have put the spotlight on the end users of American weapons worldwide.

National Rifle Association leader Oliver North announced Saturday that he will not seek a second term as president of the gun rights group, as is customary.

During his winding, hour-long speech, Trump touted declining national violent crime statistics following the start of his administration.

"We're taking our signature back", Trump said to thousands of cheering attendees, many wearing red hats emblazoned with the Republican president's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

"And I didn't need a gun for that, did I?" he quipped, adding: "Spying".

Trump said the 2020 presidential and congressional elections are around the corner. But his report contained detail about Trump's efforts to shut down the investigation, fire Mueller and lie.

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At approximately 12:30 p.m. (ET) today, President Trump was at an event in Indianapolis, IN.

One board member in Indianapolis claimed to Breitbart News on Friday that numerous specifics North raised occurred years ago, had been referred to the relevant board committees at the time, and appropriate corrective action had already been taken. The NRA Annual Meeting this year is being held in Indianapolis as a three-day convention. North and Ackerman McQueen, the group's longtime advertising firm, were effectively trying to extort him and force him to resign from his post.

Mr Trump's move prompted condemnation from human rights groups.

"It was really cool", said Donaghy.

Trump is heading to Indianapolis on Friday to address the nation's largest gun rights organization, which played a pivotal role in his victory in 2016.

At the same time, public sentiment has shifted.

The NRA, said Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and expert on gun policy, has dramatically changed its messaging over the last two years, with its NRATV service advocating a panoply of far-right political views that have turned off some members.

Trump and VP Mike Pence said they'll continue fighting for the second amendment.