Majority Americans oppose Trump’s impeachment


They do not believe the Mueller report clears the president of wrongdoing. "The strategy of every administration is to drag it out", said the University of Virginia's Saikrishna Prakash, an expert on presidential power.

"I let everybody testify".

The president underscored the findings in Mueller's almost 500-page report, which was released to the public and Congress in a redacted format last week.

Democrats remain divided on whether to proceed with Trump's impeachment after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation inquiry.

"With all of this transparency, we finish".

Democrats aren't giving up on the Russian Federation collusion theory even though the report slammed the door on their narrative that the president and his campaign worked with Russian Federation to ensure then-candidate Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

"We're fighting all the subpoenas", he said on Wednesday. "We have a very great country to run". Not surprisingly, the biggest block of those who say they are more likely to oppose Trump for re-election is among Democrats.

A member of the House Oversight Committee has warned Trump administration officials stalling on congressional subpoenas that they might face jail if they keep "assaulting" the legislature at the president's behest.

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Under the Constitution, Congress is a co-equal branch of government alongside the executive branch and the judiciary.

Connolly said his committee had hoped to learn what Miller "has in his head" given his increasing involvement in the administration's immigration policies, calling him Trump's "immigration whisperer" in light of the Department of Homeland Security's recent leadership changes and the "zero tolerance" policy that resulted in family separations.

"So, if I'm guilty of anything, it's that I've been a great president and the Democrats don't like it, which is a shame", he said.

Now that Mueller has not established a criminal conspiracy with Russia, Schiff is repeating the collusion theory on TV and tweeting about the report to make the president look bad. But the report found McGahn was prepared to resign instead of following through with the request.

"As has been incorrectly reported by the Fake News Media, I never told then White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller, even though I had the legal right to do so".

"McGahn refused to back away from what he remembered happening", the report said. But it's also possible that as we get closer to the 2020 election many will agree with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' argument that it's a "distraction" from a presidential campaign that is the only way Trump can actually be removed from office.

And contrary to those lies, most Americans do not believe the Mueller report exonerates Trump.