Game of Thrones Battle Preview Teases Next Week's All-Out War


This is going to be the longest battle scene ever committed to film, with the whole battle-focused episode clocking in at one hour and 22 minutes - the longest episode in Game of Thrones history.

Shortly after debuting the second episode of Game of Thrones season 8, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms", HBO unleashed the trailer for the episode to follow. They all appear to be functioning at varying levels of worry, but there's little time for fear and anxiety, as the Night King is about to show his face at House Stark's ancestral seat. Even Lyanna Mormont wishing her cousin, Jorah Mormont, good luck was sweet and lovely, but we were absolutely losing it over some bigger developments. During the course of this intimate party, Tormund enthusiastically cheers on as Brienne gets knighted by Jaime and then tells everyone the story of how he got his name. The process included "moments you're just broken as a human and just want to cry", star Maisie Williams said, and co-star Iain Glen called taking part in the episode "the most unpleasant experience I've had on Thrones".

Sapochnik told Entertainment Weekly that he shot the impending episode across almost three months, shooting only at night instead of breaking the filming up into multiple, non-consecutive sections.

So how did the characters spend what's likely to be the final night of their lives? First of all, Daenerys tried to patch things up with Sansa, only for the eldest Stark daughter to insist that the North will never again bend the knee. Jon sounds a wee bit afraid as he announces "The Night King is coming", and Daenerys has steel in her voice when she says, "The dead are already here".

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We also got a look at how the living plan on defeating the Night King, too.

And the war against the Night King will go on.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday night with the Battle of Winterfell. And if it is anywhere near as traumatic as audiences expect, then, come the end of the series, this final hangout with the characters will only grow extra resonant and meaningful.