DOJ says T-Mobile and Sprint merger 'unlikely' to be approved


Legere said on Twitter it was "simply untrue", as had been reported, that Justice Department staff had told the companies the deal was unlikely to be approved in its current form. T-Mobile stock slid nearly 4 percent. That paragraph states that Justice Department staffers told the companies the planned merger is unlikely to be approved as now structured. Following extensive periods of review periods by regulators and a grueling hearing before a committee of US Representatives, a new report from The Wall Street Journal says the outcome isnt so bright.

Sprint Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure said the Wall Street Journal report was not accurate. The FCC also has regulatory oversight of the deal but has not made any waves yet.

Sprint and T-Mobile declined to comment further when contacted by Ars. It cited people familiar with the matter.

Sprint and T-Mobile are in the final stages of a merger, nearing completion.

The DOJ could also approve the merger with conditions, but that would require agreement with T-Mobile and Sprint on what those conditions would be.

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T-Mobile has spent at least $195,000 at President Trump's hotel in Washington, DC while lobbying for Trump administration approval of the merger.

The T-Mobile/Sprint deal would reduce the number of nationwide mobile carriers from four to three, limiting customer choice across the United States.

It's said that T-Mobile could still turn things around by offering assets sales to alleviate the DOJ's concerns, but it's now unclear what the next steps are.

T-Mobile has defended the proposed merger, saying the combined company would be better and faster at building 5G, the next generation of wireless, to compete with industry leaders AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc.

A final decision on the matter isn't reportedly slated to come down for several weeks.