Biden says ‘very close’ to announcing if he runs for president


Biden released a video this week to address the allegations, saying that while he had been affectionate in the past, he understood the concerns of his critics.

President Trump said he does not see Joe Biden as a political threat. Later, Biden made a similar joke after inviting a group of children onstage and putting his arm round a young boy.

"By the way, he gave me permission to touch him", Biden said again.

A defiant Biden earlier Friday refused to apologize for his history of cringeworthy behavior toward women. He then turned to IBEW president Lonnie Stephenson, who was standing off stage, and mimed a hug.

"Social norms have begun to change, they've shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and I get it, I get it", he said.

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Asked whether he could win this Democratic primary given that he's been tagged as a moderate by many activists in the party, Biden dismissed that label. "I'm an Obama-Biden Democrat, man", he said, "and I'm proud of it".

Trump told "America's Newsroom" she feels Biden needs to do a little more explaining but believes the former VP should receive the benefit of the doubt. "It was never my intention, ever, ever, ever".

Images of Biden hugging various women and appearing to be sniffing their hair have always been in the public eye, but with the accusations mounting and 2020 on the horizon, he made a decision to explain it: in a video, he said it's his way of "connecting with people" and promised to be "more mindful" in the future, now that "social norms have begun to change".

Trump has denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, and on Friday he told reporters he saw no reason to avoid going after Biden on the issue.

"I get, in talking to a lot of people around the vice president, that he doesn't think he did anything wrong", King said the network on Friday.