Apple reportedly spending $30 million a month on Amazon Web Services


In January 2018, Apple announced plans to spend $10 billion on data centres in the U.S. within five years.

Apple has already spent an average of $30 million per month for the first quarter of 2019, up 10% from the same amount it spent this time a year ago. One of the tipsters said the iPhone maker spent a total of $350 million with the Amazon subsidiary in 2018.

But that doesn't stop Apple from using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Apple is one of Amazon Web Services's (AWS) biggest clients it has emerged. Apple is spending more than $30 million per month on Amazon's cloud.

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If Apple continues to use AWS at those levels for the rest of the year, its annual spending on Amazon's cloud services would exceed $360m. That five-year deal seems to indicate that Apple intends to maintain its investment in AWS: If Apple is already spending over $360 million every year, it'll easily surpass the $1.5 billion minimum mandated by that five-year deal.

Talking about the use of Cloud-based services in the past, the iPhone has specified that it uses AWS for iCloud storage. Apple also uses Google Cloud, and has used Microsoft Azure for cloud computing services in the past, in addition to smaller third-party providers, according to CNBC.

In December, Apple announced plans to invest $10 billion to build data centers in the United States over the next five years including $4.5 billion through the end of 2019 alone.

For some points of comparison, Pinterest disclosed in its IPO filing that it's spent $309 million with Amazon Web Services since 2017, while Lyft has told investors that it's committed to spending $300 million with AWS by the end of 2021. In recent times, the company stopped releasing unit sales for iPhones and started releasing the profit margin for its services business products, like AppleCare, iOS App Store, iCloud and Apple Pay.